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Rating Title Author(s) Acts Set M F T Genre(s)
  Assembly Line Winters, Marian N       14  Comedy
  Asterisk! Weidman, Jerome N       Comedy
At Long Last Leo Stein, Mark N       Comedy
  At My Heart's Core Davies, Robertson N     Comedy
  At the Root Eisenstein, Linda N 15    Comedy
  At This Evening's Performance Jackson, Nagle N       Comedy
  Attack of the Giant Grasshoppers
or... Leaf Me Alone
Swift, Robert N 30    15  21  Comedy
  Attack Of The Killer Grasshoppers Swift, Robert Y 60    15  21  Comedy
  Audience Barrie, Shirley N     Comedy
  Auntie Mame Lawrence, Jerome
Lee, Robert
N       25  12  20  Comedy
  Auto-Destruct Wanshel, Jeff N       Comedy
  Automatic Pilot Ritter, Erika N     Comedy
  Autumn Leaves part 1 Horton, Geralyn N 10  Comedy
  Ave Maria Linney, Romulus N       Comedy
  Avow Davis, Bill N       Comedy
  Ax of Murder Cook, Pat N 90      12  21  Comedy
  Ba Ha Ha Albert, Lyle N     Comedy
  Babe Ruth Comes to Pickle River Loon, Nelles N     Comedy
  Babel Rap Lazarus, John N     Comedy
  Babel's in Arms Ives, David N       Comedy
  Babes on Bay Street Csorgo, Lilla N     Comedy
Based on a story developed with Susan Yankowitz
Pearson, Sybille Y     Comedy
  Baby Anger Hedges, Peter N       Comedy
  Baby Rex Bell, Bruce N     Comedy
  Baby with the Bathwater Durang, Christopher N       Comedy

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