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Rating Title Author(s) Acts Set M F T Genre(s)
  Anniversary Waltz Chodorov, Jerome
Fields, Joseph
N       12  Comedy
  Another Two Hander or Two Belke, David N     Comedy
  Anteroom Kondoleon, Harry N       Comedy
  Anthony Rose Feiffer, Jules N       Comedy
  Antigone in New York
Translated by Janusz Glowacki and Joan Torres.
Glowacki, Janusz N 86    Comedy
  Any Wednesday Resnik, Muriel N       Comedy
  Anybody Out There? Patrick, John N       10  Comedy
  Anyone Can Whistle Laurents, Arthur Y     13  20  Comedy
  Apartment 3A Daniels, Jeff N       Comedy
  Apocalyptic Butterflies Macleod, Wendy N       Comedy
  Appetite Stickland, Eugene N     Comedy
  Approximating Mother Tolan, Kathleen N       Comedy
  April Fish Pezzulo, Ted N       11  Comedy
Archie of the Amazon Moriarty, Jay N 40    12  20  Comedy
  archy & mehitabel
Based on stories by Don Marquis
Brooks, Mel
Darion, Joe
Y     Comedy
  Are You Nuts!! Lukas, Anna N     Comedy
Arsenic and Old Lace Kesselring, Joseph N       11  14  Comedy
Translated by Christopher Hampton.
Reza, Yasmina N 150  Comedy
  Art Attack Gonzalez-risso, Kico N     Comedy
  Artichoke Glass, Joanna N       Comedy
  Artificial Reality Essmann, Jeffrey N       Comedy
  Arts And Leisure Tesich, Steve N       Comedy
  As Bees in Honey Drown Beane, Douglas N       Comedy
  Asian Shade Ketron, Larry N       Comedy
Based on an original idea by Charles Gilbert
Weidman, John Y     12  16  Comedy

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