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Rating Title Author(s) Acts Set M F T Genre(s)
  Allie's Appendix N 45  Comedy
  Amateurs Griffin, Tom N       Comedy
  Amazing Dædalus Pflaster, Duncan N 120  Comedy
  Amazing Gracie Graves, Warren N     Comedy
  Amazons Horton, Geralyn N 120  10  14  Comedy
  Amelia Earhart Was Not a Spy Curran, Colleen N     Comedy
  American Idle Sodaro, Craig N 90  20  Comedy
  Amooooor Bokor, Pierre N     Comedy
Translated into English verse by Richard Wilbur.
Molière N       12  Comedy
  Amphitryon 38
Adapted by S.N. Behrman.
Giraudoux, Jean N       11  Comedy
  Amy Goes Army Kelly, Tim N 30        12  Comedy
  An American Millionaire Schisgal, Murray N       Comedy
  An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf Hollinger, Michael N       Comedy
  An Evening for Merlin Finch Dizenzo, Charles N       Comedy
  An Orphan Betrayed Hayden, Bill N 30      Comedy
  Ancient History Ives, David N       Comedy
  And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little Zindel, Paul N       Comedy
  And the Lion Shall Lie Down With..... Horton, Geralyn N 10  Comedy
  Andrew Reaches The Other Side Mercurio, Peter N 100  Comedy
  Androcles and the Lion Barton, Dave
Bond, Matt
Y 90          18  Comedy
  Androgyne Wylie, Betty N     Comedy
  Angel In The Pawnshop Shiffrin, A.B. N       10  Comedy
  Annabelle Broom, The Unhappy Witch Eleanor
Harder, Ray
Y       Comedy
Based on the Tribune Media Service Comic Strip, Annie""
Meehan, Thomas Y     10  14  Comedy
  Annie Warbucks
Based on Little Orphan Annie" by permission of Tribune Media Services, Inc."
Meehan, Thomas Y     Comedy

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