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More about Great Peace:

Great Peace

Edward  Bond

"In the third play of this trilogy," the Guardian critic writes, "order has been restored, the military is in charge, and an officer issues the Herod-like command that every squad kills a child to save vital resources." A soldier agonizes over the command, but then finally smothers his mother's baby and then the mother herself. Bond, a critic suggests, is offering a revolutionary idea—that those who dropped the bomb did not envisage the consequences, but the survivors who know them may perhaps forge a better world. Area staging.

Play Details:
Genre(s): Not Available
Time Period(s): Not Available
Play Type: Play
Runtime: 166 minutes
Acts: Not Available
Set Complexity: Not Available
Set Information: Not Available
Year First Published: Not Available
Total Characters: 16
Male Characters: 11
Female Characters: 5
Androgynous Characters:0
Minimum Cast: Not Available
Maximum Cast: Not Available
$60.00 /per performance
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Publisher: Dramatic Publishing
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ISBN: Not Available

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